October 21, 2014 -


Turn a Dime into a Dollar with Cost

Segregation! A New and Incredible Tax Strategy that can SAVE YOU Thousands a Year in Taxes! A cost study is an engineering-based study of all costs associated with the acquisition or construction of a building. The study accelerates the depreciation of the building/renovation components into faster depreciation categories such as 5-, 7-and 15-year rather than conventional 27.5- and 39-year schedules. To put it simply, standard depreciation for a commercial building is 39 years. When’s the last time your carpets lasted 39 years? With cost segregation, you can depreciate items like the carpet, roof, paint, etc, much, much faster – allowing you to keep more of YOUR MONEY in YOUR POCKET!

By applying a cost segregation study to a commercial or residential property, you could IMMEDIATELY REDUCE YOUR TAX BURDEN
10-60%! Whether you are buying a new building, expanding an existing one, rehabilitating an old facility or relocating with leasehold improvements, your property can generate much bigger tax savings than previously realized!

Substantial tax and cash flow savings can be achieved by taxpayers who properly classify their construction or acquisition costs between real and personal property.

What would you do with the additional revenues saved by incorporating cost segregation as part of your tax strategy?

Attending this on-line Webinar and you could SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!