October 29, 2014 -

When: Wednesday, October 29th
Time: 6:00-10:00 PM
Where: Campbell Community
Center, 1 W. Campbell Av, Campbell,
CA 95008

Roosevelt Redwood Room, Q-80

Please arrive early as Lorraine’s presentation will begin promptly at 6:00 PM!

Speaker: Lorraine Evans, CPA,

With 2014 nearing to an end, now is the time for real estate investors to start planning their taxes!There is a lot for taxpayers and their tax advisors to consider before 2014 ends. Join us to find out about the tax changes that are coming in next year and what you need to do to be prepared!

What we will be covering

  •  Why is it important to know my tax situation by the end of the year?
  •  What is a W-4 review?
  •  Top 5 tax write-offs
  •  Does incorporating allow for additional tax deductions?
  • Carry-forwards and NOL’s New Asset Capitalization Rules
  • Maximize tax- advantage savings (IRA, Roth..)​
  •  Tax Law Changes Coming and Reviewing Estate Planning
  • Know the New Tax brackets



Lamarr Baxter

graduated from University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing. In addition to specializing in self-directed retirement accounts, he is knowledgeable in residential mortgage loans for both primary homeowners and investors. Lamarr regularly conducts educational seminars outlining the benefits and rewards of investing in real estate with a self- directed retirement account.

Topics to discuss

  •  What investment options are available with a Self Directed IRA
  •  What are the prohibited transactions
  • How to leverage your SD IRA with a Non-Recourse Loan
  •  Much more


Tyler Watts – Networth Real Estate

Speaker: Tyler Watts, Net Worth Real Estate Group and his team are the primary providers of North Dakota “The Bakken” properties for the Yee Real Estate Network members.  He will discuss and present the new inventory that is available at this event.



Be prepared to purchase!!!


Q & A and Recap

This workshop is great for anyone who is considering “The Bakken”, ND as part of his or her real estate acquisition portfolio.

In this informal workshop, Yee Network investors will also discuss:

  • How they did their research and due diligence to come to an informed decision to purchase in the Bakken region.
  • Why “Bakken” real estate has the highest cash flow, cap rate and ROI in the country.
  • Why owning in the “Bakken” should be an integral part of your real estate acquisition portfolio.
  • We will demonstrate how you can retire with $4,000 net monthly rental income immediately, with only $100K cash down payment with 20% investor financing.
  • We will show you how to buy a $240K Bakken property with only $90K in SDIRA –
  • We will have several investor testimonials from people that have purchased in the Bakken.
  • And much more!