October 31, 2014 -

When: Wednesday,Oct.1st @ 12:00 Noon PST

Speaker: Lorraine Evans, CPA

Odds are you are paying more than you should in taxes. It’s not how much you make that counts—its how much you keep! You will never get ahead financially until you learn to shelter your income from taxes.

Here are just a few topics we will cover:

  • We will walk you through a Schedule E, Supplemental Income Schedule, A.K.A. Rental income tax return from top to bottom
  •  Along the way, we will show your high annual gross rental income (Assuming you have purchased from Yee Real Estate Network top 3 oil field homes), The Bakken, Eagle Ford and the Permian Basin!
  • Then we will show you how to reduce your real estate passive income subject to ordinary taxation by:
  1. Maximize your business travel expenses when you visit your out of state properties – Why not enjoy your business trips care of your friends at the IRS?
  2. ​Learn how to take your spouse with you on your real estate business trips and claim a tax deduction!
  3. Combine pleasure with your real estate business trips and make most of it tax deductible!
  4. Save money on your taxes by letting the government help pay for your meals and entertainment expenses as well golfing, skiing, bowling, hunting, sporting events, concerts are much more enjoyable when the IRS pays its fair share of the expenses!
  5. How to incorporate Cost Segregation strategy to further increase your depreciation expenses in order to reduce your taxes
  6. Much more…