Using Your VA Loan as a Catalyst to Achieve Your Long-Term Wealth

Your Power to Invest is Immense!

Military personnel have an amazing opportunity to invest for themselves a future of financial freedom.

Take it from our founder: Seewing Yee

Mr. Yee is a U.S. Army retiree with 20 years of service. As a veteran, he purchased his first home in 1991 in the San Francisco bay area with a no down payment with a VA loan. In 2000, he purchased his second home in the S.F. bay area again without a down payment on a VA loan. In 2016, he purchased his third home with a No Down Payment VA Loan in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Seewing Yee has a BBA in Accounting, an M.S. in Taxation, and is a California Licensed Real Estate Broker. In 2004, Mr. Yee started a real estate investment club (Yee Real Estate Network) in Fremont, CA (S.F. bay area). Since then, he has helped hundreds of real estate investors to buy turn-key cash flow rental homes in many markets in the U.S.

Seewing Yee can help you too!  Invest even while in active duty. As VA housing is based on rank and years of service, you can use your housing allowance to qualify at the price point you want to buy.

Buy as you work … and with each additional transfer, you have an opportunity to REUSE your benefits and entitlements. All of this with 0% down you can invest in not only a single-family home, but a duplex, triplex, or even a fourplex.  As part of the U.S. Military, your power to create an investment portfolio toward realizing freedom with retirement is immense.

“Using all of my experience and connections, I will mentor you through the process absolutely free!”

Seewing Yee

Market Demand

The Demand market is strong due to:

  • Low inventory
  • Historic low interest rates

Power of Attraction

According to Warren Buffett:

Single family homes are the most attractive asset class available.

The Rents Have It

Currently the rental market is at an all time high, making real estate investments lucrative for even an immediate return on investment.

Work for Your Future. Work for Financial Freedom

… and really have something to smile about!

Don’t let fear or uncertainty stop you. I’ve been there, and it is not a place where success thrives. I promise you that I will give you my knowledge, mentor you through the process, and introduce you to the right people who have already helped thousands of my students.

Think of me as a Real Boot Camp Drill Sergeant. I will direct you, push you as needed, but always have your best interest in mind. I have been helping people on the road to financial freedom for almost 20 years – It is my passion. I am not the flashiest guy out there, but investments are not swayed by flash … it’s all about the numbers.  I won’t hype up an opportunity that does not exist. I will give you real investment numbers, and you will walk the path with complete knowledge. You will grow, and I will grow knowing you.

Take your first step into financial freedom with me.

SeeWing Yee